Fencing Range

We produce over 150,000m3 of fencing timber per year and have an extensive range to offer. These are some of our regular sizes, but if  you’re looking for something that isn’t on the list, there’s a good chance we can offer it – please drop us a line.

The really great news is that we are super focused on producing products 4.2m & under. The not so great news is that we can’t do 4.8s. We know, it’s not ideal and yes, we have definitely spent the past couple of decades wishing the gap in to the mill was just that bit bigger! One for the future…

We are perfectly set up to offer full artic loads delivered to you (or your customers).

If you’d like smaller quantities, we’d be happy to recommend one of our customers to you.

We batch process by specie, meaning that if you have particular requirement, we can supply. Some things go without saying – we won’t cut your feather edge and battens out of pine, where the knots will drop out. Nor will we cut them from larch, so they’re impossible to nail.

Fencing Range
ProductThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (m) Min - MaxSpecial Finishes
Sleepers1002000.9 - 4.2
Gate posts1251250.9 - 4.24 WW, Round Top
Posts6375, 100, 125, 150, 1750.9 - 4.2Pointed, Weathered, Notched, Birdsmouth Morticed
Rails & Back Rails3275, 87, 100, 125, 150, 175, 2000.9 - 4.2Half lapped, Scarfed
Arris Rail7575 (2ex)0.9 - 4.2
Cant Rail47125 (2ex)0.9 - 4.2
Capping19 (ex)472.4 - 4.2
22 (ex)50
38 (ex)75, 100
Boards1675, 100, 125, 150, 2000.9 - 4.2Chisel top, Pointed top, Round top, Drilled, Planed all round
Overlap6100, 125, 1500.9 - 4.2
Feather Edge22 (2ex)100, 125, 1500.9 - 4.2
25 (2ex)100, 125, 150
32 (2ex)175
Framing30470.9 - 4.2Notched
3241, 50
Battens1632, 381.2 - 3.6

Preservative Treatment Options

Our products are available untreated, anti stain treated and pressure treated.

Our long and successful relationship with Lonza means we have been treating with confidence for over 20 years. All timber is treated with Lonza’s Tanalith E , but preparation takes place in two ways, to offer 2 ranges:

Manufactured purely from pine our GOOD WOOD fencing timbers are kiln dried and then preservative treated to meet either Use Class 3.2 (external out of ground contact) or Use Class 4 (external ground contact) applications. The ground contact posts of the GOOD WOOD range carry our distinctive Taylormade year brand for easy identification and are guaranteed for 15 years against rot.

Our PREMIUM fencing timbers are manufactured from mixed conifer species which are treated with TANALITH E. We have supplied these timbers successfully since 2004, but do not offer a guarantee with them.