Contract Treatment

We were recently surprised to learn that we aren’t the only timber supplier on the planet…

So, if you have bought something that requires some form of treatment, we’d be happy to offer this to you.

We can Pressure Treat green or brown using Lonza’s Tanalith E.

Alternatively if you have a requirement to Heat Treat or Heat Treat & Kiln Dry your products, we can offer this facility through our 3 biomass fueled kilns.

Please contact us for further details

Pressure Treatment

Treated with preservatives to protect against rot

Kiln Dried & Heat Treated

Timber heated to 56ºc and dried to an average of 18% moisture content

Heat Treated

Timber heat treated to 56ºc and ISPM15 Regulations

Anti Blu treatment

Do you need your boards free from Blu Stain? If so, let us “Anti Blu” treat it for you.