What we do best

Over the past decade we have quadrupled our production capacity. We have achieved this by investing in modern automated sawmill equipment, whilst retaining the manual procedures necessary to provide an extensive range of bespoke timber products.

We have 2 modern sawmills, together processing over 3,500m3 per week of mixed conifer sawlogs from Northumberland, County Durham, North Yorkshire, Midlands, the Lake District and Scottish Borders. The Taylormade Timber Products business and headquarters is based at Sherburn Hill in Durham and manufactures the majority of our product range. 

The Kerr Timber Products business is centred at Annan in Dumfriesshire and specialises in the manufacture of high quality feather edge fencing components.

We recognise that our business is not just about sawing wood! It's the whole package that keeps our customers happy; from handling enquiries right through to how our invoices are provided to you. We strive to provide the right product - sometimes customers might even need a lower grade product depending on end use - and a cracking good service. Our drivers don't just sit in the cab and let you do all the work and they like to get to you as early as possible.

We are proud of our status as a successful UK manufacturing company based in the North East of England. All of our raw material is home grown and all of our sales are within the UK.