We are passionate about wood. Used responsibly it can improve our environment and help save our planet.

We use wood to manufacture bespoke home grown fencing, pallet and packaging timbers. Our aim is to provide high quality timber products that will help build your business reputation. Our products and services are enhanced with the very latest milling and processing equipment. With the use of modern technologies we can offer a full range of services to ensure you get the exact product you require.

We have Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) FSC-C006606 certification, as responsible suppliers of timber products - click on the following links to view our accreditations for our operations at Sherburn Hill and at Annan. We also use the most environmentally advanced preservative treatments to ensure long-term protection and service life for your timber. Our latest investments include state of the art yield optimising equipment including a new Stegherr notching facility and a highly flexible re-sawing installation.

And there is a real human touch behind the modern technology, helping to build mutually beneficial business relationships. We enjoy the rapport we have with many long-term customers and suppliers, and look forward to welcoming new clients.

Together we can make the most of timber





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