Sawmill Process

Grading l Debarking l Sawing l Sorting l Packaging l Delivering

Within the timber industry new production technologies and machinery are constantly being developed that mean less man-handling of timber and more accuracy, efficiency and versatility across our milled timber production.

Taylormade is continually embracing these developments but at the same time maintaining the manual processes and skills that will make sure we can offer our customers the exact products they are looking for. The following descriptions give a brief impression of each part of our production process. Should you want to know more simply give us a call.

We purchase conifer logs from 14cm to 36cm top diameter and lengths of 2.4, 3.0, 3.6 and 4.2m.
The predominant species is Spruce but with a significant proportion of Pine, Larch and Douglas Fir, all from UK FSC certified resources.
Logs are pre-sorted into top diameter classes, using a combination of mechanical and electronic equipment, before input to the sawmill.

The plant health section of the Forestry Commission requires that all timber being used for export to be bark free.
Our debarking line strips the bark away from the log prior to sawing. The bark is not wasted as it is an important raw material for horticultural and landscaping markets.

The main sawmill comprises top quality, highly automated Swedish milling equipment that can be set to cut within a fraction of a millimetre. Throughout the sawing processes no one touches the wood

The very latest technology infra red scanning and measuring equipment ensures only the product of the required grade is included in the finished packs of sawn timbers.

A 6 blade multiple cross cut machine enables us to offer finished lengths from 800mm up to 4.2m, into pack sizes that are generally standard but which can be set to customers' particular requirements.

The final and vital part of our production and supply process is delivery. We utilise our own distribution fleet of vehicles as well as contract transport when required to make timely deliveries right across the UK.

Watch out for the distinctive Taylormade lorries - we like to shout about the benefits of wood!