Our Products

All of our timber is cut from UK, FSC certified grown mixed conifer logs. The types and variety of product that the sawmill produces from this sustainable British timber have grown over the years as our customers' needs for the resulting timber products have developed and changed.

For our preservative treated fencing timbers we offer our customers a clear choice - our GOOD WOOD range or our PREMIUM range.



Our GOOD WOOD fencing timbers are pressure preservative treated with TANALITH E wood preservative and come with a 15 year guarantee against rot for both in and out of ground contact situations.

Manufactured purely from redwood species our GOOD WOOD fencing timbers are kiln dried and then preservative treated to meet either Use Class 3.2 (external out of ground contact) or Use Class 4 (external ground contact) applications. The ground contact posts of the GOOD WOOD range carry our distinctive Taylormade year brand for easy identification.

The GOOD WOOD fencing range includes posts, rails, gravel boards, fence boards, featheredge boards and battens - all manufactured from redwood species.

Our PREMIUM fencing timbers are manufactured from mixed conifer species which are not dried to the required moisture content before treatment with TANALITH E wood preservative. We have supplied these timbers for almost 10 years and we are confident they will have a service life of 5 - 10 years.

The same range of fencing components and sizes is available in both our GOOD WOOD and PREMIUM ranges.

Our extensive pallet and packaging timbers can be supplied heat treated to meet the requirements of ISPM15.

We can also supply these timbers with a simple but highly effective anti-sapstain treatment.

Our smallest log diameter is 14cm and the largest 36cm. This means we can supply square timbers from 95 x 95mm up to 250 x 250mm and any dimension in between.

Turning a log into sawn timber produces more than one product - bark, sawdust and woodchip. These sawmill co-products are used by other industries to make things like particle board, paper, mulch and horse bedding, so that none of our original wood is wasted.