Fencing Products

Taylormade fencing timbers take all the worry out of your next fencing contract.

Pressure preservative pre-treated within our own facilities with the leading and most proven new generation wood preservative, TANALITH E, giving us the confidence to offer a 15 year guarantee on our GOOD WOOD range against the threat of rot and an expected service life of 5 - 10 years from our PREMIUM range. From the preservative treatment we can offer both green (TANALISED) and brown (TANATONE) colour options.

For more details on the choice of fencing timbers from Taylormade, click here.


Our GOOD WOOD fence timbers are manufactured purely from redwood species, kiln dried and then preservative pre-treated. Our ground contact posts and gravel boards are treated to meet Use Class 4 requirements - external ground contact applications. The high performance posts carry our distinctive Taylormade year brand for easy identification. We offer 3 grades of posts as well as a wide range of machined finishes.


The rest of our GOOD WOOD fencing range - rails, fence boards, featheredge boards and battens are preservative treated to Use Class 3.2 requirements - external out of ground contact. There is a choice of 2 grades of boards and rails as well as all the usual designs required within fence construction. Our featheredge boards and battens are available to facilitate the production of your own fence panel designs.

For our fencing timbers we utilise logs ranging in diameter from diameter 14cm right up to 36cm, allowing us to supply square timbers from 75 x 75mm up to 250 x 245mm and most dimensions in between.

Our PREMIUM fencing timbers are manufactured from mixed conifer species which are not dried to the required moisture content before treatment with TANALITH E wood preservative. We have supplied these timbers for almost 10 years and we are confident they will have a service life of 5 - 10 years.

The same range of fencing components and sizes is available in both our GOOD WOOD and PREMIUM ranges. For details on our range of components and sizes for both our GOOD WOOD and PREMIUM ranges, click here.