Environmental Policy

Taylormade Timber Products Limited operates its sawmills in the most environmentally sound way possible. The process of converting round sawlogs to sawn timber and co-products involves no waste products whatsoever. 100% of the incoming roundwood is converted to fencing, pallets and packaging timber, wood chips and sawdust for the wood based sheet material manufacturing industry and bark for amenity and horticultural use.

The Company is conscious of its locations and does its utmost to minimise the impact of the production process on the surrounding environment. In particular, Taylormade Timber Products Limited regards general sawmill and site housekeeping and maintenance as matters of the highest priority.

The Company's production processes are carefully planned and closely monitored and the aim is to improve on the present high standards as equipment becomes due for replacement.

The logs used in our sawmills are derived from indigenous, sustainable forests, managed under the United Kingdom's stringent forestry standards administered by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Taylormade Timber and Kerr Timber are both FSC accredited operations.

We believe that increased use of the products we produce will contribute greatly towards the effective use of the UK's natural resources and indirectly help to conserve the World's dwindling natural resources.

A key element of our manufacturing process is the preservative pre-treatment of our fencing timbers. This protection helps to greatly extend the service life of our timber products. The wood preservative we utilise is the latest generation product based on a unique copper and biocide formulation. The copper used is derived from recycled resources and the biocides are biodegradable products, commonly used to protect many of our crops.