A Fairy Tale? No - Just Reality!

Now here's a nice story. Not totally true - but it does demonstrate how important trees are to us all and how the increased use of timber in a responsible manner can help save our planet!

Once upon a time, in response to the growing concerns about ever increasing CO
2 levels in our atmosphere, all the world's great and good scientists were gathered together. Their task was to design a new machine that would gather in CO2, store it in a safe manner and, at the same time, generate clean and plentiful amounts of oxygen so we could all breathe better - and all in an environmentally sound way, of course!

Brains started whirring. Designs started appearing. Then suddenly the youngest and brightest of the scientists made a profound discovery. We already have the perfect machines to do the job - TREES!

Trees are fantastic natural machines that not only do all of the above, but also provide lots of other benefits that are already built into their make up.

And through responsible care and management programmes, softwood forests around the World are now growing rapidly. They not only allow us to harvest and utilise our most versatile of construction materials, they take the pressure off scarcer tropical hardwood resources.

The more we use timber, the more we can contribute to a 'greener' world.

Simple - isn't it?